Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where Are They?

Sunshine shed your light on me
Reveal the path I should be following
I'm trying to find it, I've gone off road

Seen some people I will never know like me.

They just put a barrier up
Trying to cover their hearts with nonsense of

Being a fan of the biggest band
Wearing the clothes that they truly find drab
And I wonder why they try to be
Pleasing to the majority
Not themselves, to hell!

Don't be who you are

'Cause no one will like you

Unless you are, who you aren't.

So where I've been hasn't worked for me

'Cause everyone wants me to not be me

There's no one like me

I'm truly unique

But in other words I happen to be just plain me

I like it that way Though it's a pretty lonely life
Trying to discover people alright

Personally I think
It's too much work to pretend
To be some annoying kid's best friend

Though it's up to you

Send my regards to your heart so bruised.

Sunshine is it really your fault?

Maybe it's the people who've got it all wrong

Thinking that they shouldn't be just themselves

Not letting out emotions so dear and heartfelt.

Warm up their hearts

Kindle a fire

'Cause would-be best friends aren't

Here to be hired

Not to be bought

But made as you sought

Someone to understand you

And open your heart.

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