Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Don't Miss You But I Do

You can say it all you want, you can claim all you will, but nothing ever goes without a memory instilled. A treasure of the heart not necessarily a thing you want, but the heartache is enough and a sensation that thrills your gut. The bitter taste of morning, the after taste of things is just like the times when you are deserting me. I accept your cruel existence, that buries all struggles for resistance, to feeling that I am irrevocably missing someone I feel is my light to go the distance.

I may hate you today, but I will love you tomorrow. I may think for a second of you and be ground in to sorrow, but just your voice a mere whisper turns my world out purely blissful. I may plunge into a dark abyss, but you will show me the light through darkness, and for that I feel horrible envy towards you. You, who seems unaffected by me as I am effected by you.

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