Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little Introduction

Give me a sad song.

Not to be drastic, but it's what I do. Contemplating emotions, showing you, how it effects me and leaves me to conclude: that I'm too young still and foolish. To dream for the brightest of futures. I have faith that's too strong, in the love we're all searching for.

Emily Dickinson all the way!

I'm way too emotional, stricken and strewn, by the time that I'm doomed, I'm sure I'll have some wood fashion to be nailed to. Just like the cross, the most painful of deaths, all alone with my twelve-hundred cats. My English teacher once told me, Dickinson lived alone writing poetry. Kept her distance from people, so she was nuts and rightfully labeled. I hope to go insane too, and have future generations blown away by my ingenious books. Shoot! Sounds like the best life for me, because of my writing, guys think I'm too good to be. <3

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